Staff Lineup

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Maxime Zzaoui

Torri Zzaoui (Smith)


Wee Tze Yi (Zee)

Dalena Lee


Chuck Brown


Maxime Zzaoui & Torri Zzaoui (Smith)

Maxime Zzaoui

Maxime started dancing at the age of 5 in Lyon, France. He studied contemporary at the Conservatory for 6 years before starting his career in the West Coast Swing community. He is now one of the top male professionals, and was the first European to place in the top 5 of the Classic division at the US Open 2012.

Torri Smith Zzaoui

Torri began dancing when she was 3 years old in California, USA. She has studied other dances, but has always been a part of the West Coast Swing community; she has won the Young America/Young Adult divisions a total of 6 times at the US Open. Torri was the first and only person to win both the Classic and Showcase division in the same year at the 2010 US Open, and continued to win the Showcase division for the next 4 years.

Wee Tze Yi (Zee) and Dalena Lee

Zee and Dalena are one of the top WCS dancers in Asia, with Zee being the first Asian to reach the Champions division and place 2nd in Champions Strictly Swing at the US Open, while Dalena is the highest ranked All-star dancer in Asia. 

They believe that social dancing is for everyone and they both enjoy sharing their passion with others. They approach teaching social dancing in a holistic fashion and focus on not just the technical aspects, but also the enjoyment and appreciation of the dance.

Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown is known for his “feel for the music”, creativity, versatility, and especially, his lead. Chuck loves to spread his love of music and dance to everyone he teaches. He is a highly sought-after teacher who focuses on technique, music, timing, creativity, and most of all, having fun.