Westcation is in the midst of being registered with the World Swing Dance Council (WSDC) to offer points and be formally a part of the competition circuit by 2021!

Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill contests are a fun way to allow individuals to enter competition without a partner and challenge their social dancing prowess with a variety of partners. There is an inherent “luck of the draw” factor involved. Leaders and followers are randomly paired. Competitors are scored individually on timing, technique and teamwork in the preliminary heats. Those scoring the highest will be called back later to dance in a final round. In the final, individuals are randomly paired, then scored as a couple. The DJ picks the music.

* You may only enter 1 level of Jack & Jill. The only exception – Newcomer competitors will be allowed to also compete in the WSDC Novice category.

Levels: The World Swing Dance Council Points Registry is used to determine eligibility for the West Coast Swing Jack & Jill divisions. The only way you may enter a division other than by meeting the points qualifications below is by petitioning the chief judge or event director before the competition.


This where you start! First time competitors who have been dancing 1 year or less should dance in Newcomer.


Competitors who have been dancing actively for more than 1 year, and have less than 15 points in Novice.


Competitors who have 16 Novice points and more, but less than 30 Intermediate points should compete in this division.


Competitors who have more than 30+ Intermediate points and less than 45 Advanced points accumulated within 36 Months.

All - Stars

Competitors who have 45 Advanced points accumulated within 36 Months.